Off-Chip Trans-capacitive vs. Silicon Sensing Technologies

IDEX is the only biometrics product company offering both off-chip and silicon sensor technologies, based on our broad IP portfolio. Capacitive based fingerprint imaging is by many orders of magnitude the leading biometric solution deployed in the market today and each technology approach to capacitive fingerprint sensing has its own set of key advantages that IDEX can use to efficiently address the sometimes diverse set of requirements coming from today’s leading OEM’s.

Off-Chip trans-capacitive sensing is used by our Eagle product, has the advantage of integrating sensor electrodes into any form factor or sensor aperture geometry desired by the customer, and for customers that want to maximize the security strength and usability within a pre-defined sensor shape, this is the way to go. The IDEX patented sensor architecture results in superb field shaping, with elimination of common mode noise at the front end, to deliver the strongest SNR in the industry. Off chip sensing also provides for a completely flexible sensing area build out of a passive material, and moldable to curved surfaces and extremely thin. This type of flexibility cannot be achieved in a silicon sensor.

off chip

Silicon sensor technology is used by our Cardinal line and based on tight coupling with our highly advanced small image matcher algorithm, comes with ultra small silicon footprints. These sensors are small, cost and power efficient and extremely fast. The silicon based sensing array allows image capture in less than 50ms. Applications with highly limited real estate can very efficiently employ our Cardinal based silicon sensing technology.