IDEX Integrated Glass Vision and Plan

IDEX Integrated Glass Vision and PlanEagle’s off chip sensing architecture provides us with a unique ability to integrate sensing electrodes within different composite materials including cover glass. IDEX’s integrated glass sensing solution provides the desired intersection of performance – durability – cosmetic appearance at value pricing. In contrast to emerging solutions for fingerprint cover glass integration, Eagle – In Glass, will be a no compromise fingerprint matching system integrated within the inactive border of todays smart phones.

Partnered with one of the market share leaders within the cover glass market space, IDEX has been has been making steady progress towards a scalable, customizable and high performance integrated glass fingerprint matching solution.


• Complete cover glass style integration
• Excellent full resolution image quality
• Largest image within defined space – Image to the edge
• Absolutely no performance compromises to Eagle baseline


• Custom shapes supported
• Co-planar or recessed sensor surface
• Invisible or translucent bezel with user feedback options
• Customer sampling in Q3