Eagle Technology Platform

to edit1Eagle is a next generation touch fingerprint sensing system based on our patented off-chip sensing technology. Off chip sensing separates the sensor ASIC from the sensing substrate resulting in higher image fidelity, superb noise immunity and market leading wet – dry finger usability. The Eagle system is a closely coupled hardware – software solution, with highly optimized image delivery and matching algorithm that results in best in class security strength and outstanding usability. Achieving the highest SNR values in the industry allows Eagle to perform exceptionally well with difficult fingers, through thick coatings or within high noise environments. One of the only sensors in the market that eliminates common mode noise at the front end via hardware vs. back end post processing techniques. The result is broad demographic coverage, solid performance with difficult wet & dry fingers and transaction class security.

The Eagle sensing elements are implemented in an organic polymer medium providing highly durable, bendable and customizable sensing surface shapes. Electrode geometries have been perfected to achieve optimum field shape to secure the capture of high fidelity fingerprint images.

On board encryption blocks provide full transport level security between the Eagle sensing system and the host processor and comes with Trusted Execution Environment software reference design and support. Eagle is FIDO-Ready™.


• Off-chip sensing technology
• Customizable organic polymer sensor
• Excellent image quality
• Superior wet – dry finger performance
• Highly tolerant to common mode noise


• Touch fingerprint sensor module
• AC/RF Capacitive Sensing
• Finger-on detection mode
• Fully encrypted SPI Interface data & control
• Interrupt signal


• Mobility platforms (phones, tablets, laptops) FIDO-approved
• Computer platforms and peripherals
• Payment and security
• Identification and personalization
• Healthcare and Banking