Cardinal Portfolio

CardinalOur Cardinal silicon sensor products have the smallest silicon footprint in the market for space challenged mobile fingerprint sensing applications. Cardinal Q and Cardinal N ultra small form factors are enabled by state of the art matching algorithm technology that is able to exploit very small images into quality match results. A completely tuned hardware – software solution, pre-optimized to allow ease of integration into a variety of applications. Cardinal products also support extremely fast image capture and match times enabling true ‘tap ‘n go’ applications.


• Low cost
• Ultra small footprint for home button or volume slider placement
• Fast image capture and match for tap ’n go


• Touch fingerprint sensor module
• AC/RF Capacitive Sensing
• Pixel resolution 508dpi
• Cardinal Q Active Area 112C x 88R = 5.6 x 4.4 mm
• Cardinal N Active Area 192C x 56R = 9.6 x 2.8 mm
• Low power finger detect mode
• Single supply voltage 1.8V


• Mobility platforms (phones, tablets, laptops)
• Computer platforms and peripherals
• Security applications
• Identification and Personalization