IDEX best in class touch sensors
IDEX offers a complete touch sensor portfolio consisting of the most highly accepted capacitive sensing techniques in circulation today, including trans – capacitive off chip sensing and active capacitive silicon sensor solutions, all with broad IP backing. Both product categories within the IDEX portfolio of touch sensors are complete system solutions including image delivery hardware, tightly coupled software control and matching algorithm, trusted execution environment and FIDO™ compliant reference designs, as well as established module partner options.
Eagle Trans – Cap Off Chip Sensing Advantages
• Superior Imaging – common mode noise rejection and wet – dry finger performance
• Customizable sensor geometries
• Maximal image size unconstrained by silicon footprint
• Sensing electrodes implemented in both organic polymer and glass

Cardinal Active Capacitive Silicon Sensing Advantages capacitive2
• Fast image acquisition and match for tap ’n go
• Ultra small form factors
• Simple integration

In-glass sensor technology solutions capacitive new
• In glass fingerprint sensing solutions sampling this year
• Seamless glass integration with optimum performance