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LG PhoneThe mobile market is a huge and growing market in which the fingerprint sensor has a natural place. A fingerprint sensor enables a unique intersection of increased security and user convenience to replace PINs and passwords, and will facilitate the growing trend of mobile payments.

Research company Acuity expects the fingerprint sensor market to grown from approximately 200 million in 2014 to almost 3 billion in 2020, representing an annual growth rate in excess of 65%.

IDEX applies a broad portfolio of capacitive technologies which has been adopted by virtually all mobile OEMs, according to mobile platform specific OEM objectives. IDEX sensors provide the following benefits in mobile integration:

• Ground breaking cost position – enabled by both off-chip technology and advanced algorithms with our silicon solutions

• Small form factors – IDEX technologies provide both smallest form factor silicon imagers or maximum image sizes within a pre-defined sensor geometry

• Very strong biometric performance – high quality images, industry leading SNR and extreme usability with the most difficult fingers

• Advanced algorithms – IDEX owns strong algorithms that are pre-integrated with both sensor product lines ensuring very effective matching of the fingerprint image to give a fast, secure, and user friendly experience

• In glass sensor – the ultimate integration of cosmetic appearance with no compromises in performance. This highly demanded solution for 2017, will start with cost effective, volume ready high performance glass sensor samples in the second half of 2016.

new mobile devicesIDEX integration progress with several tier 1 OEM’s has resulted in a complete set of integration ready pre-qualified solutions and features including trusted execution environment security architectures, large scale biometric testing results, FIDO ready solutions completed on a variety of the latest leading Application processors.

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