Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) market offers endless application areas for fingerprint sensors. Virtually any device which warrants identification and security, ranging from USB sticks to access control to automobiles, can be integrated with a fingerprint sensor.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly expanding new market offering a broad set of applications for fingerprint sensors. With the diversity of objects requiring control over existing network infrastructure, authentication of each uniquely identifiable embedded controller element is a critical requirement. Virtually any remote network connected endpoint or “thing” which warrants identification, ranging from USB sticks to access control to automobiles, can derive enhanced security and usability via fingerprint sensor integration.

IDEX is currently prioritised in the mobile and card markets due to the high current demand, however based on key features of our system that fit optimally within an embedded controller environment, IDEX is taking an opportunistic approach to IoT, and has already released several products into the market.

SideTouch in a boxIDEX’s strategic partner World Wide Touch Technology (Holdings) Limited (WWTT) has showcased and launched multiple IDEX fingerprint sensor products under the brand name FingerQ products. More recently, in partnership with Bio-key™, the SideTouch™ Compact USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows Devices was released with the IDEX Eagle touch sensor.

Key product attributes included within the IDEX portfolio provide an optimum set of features for embedded applications:

• Low compute power resource needs – efficient fingerprint matching utilizing embeddable MCU’s and minimal memory footprints

• Small sensor form factors – extremely small package footprints for real estate challenged devices.

• Ability to integrate chip into the existing eco-system chip – given the ability to separate the sensor surface from the ASIC, the chip may be integrated into the existing chip ecosystem to reduce costs and complexity, and increase security

• Strong biometric performance – based on industry leading image quality tightly coupled to state of the art matching algorithms.

• High Security System Architecture – integrated encryption blocks protecting end to end match processing.

IDEX sensor product families suitable for IoT integration:
Eagle Touch
Cardinal Touch