Cards – ID & Smart

credit cardThe ID and Smart Card market is huge with billions of cards produced annually, and continuously increasing demands for user friendly and secure solutions. Research company TechNavio estimates that in 2013 around 8 billion payment cards were shipped, of which almost 2 billion were EMV cards (with PIN).
On the back of the validation of fingerprint sensors as a viable and secure method of identification, there is huge interest from card players, such as governments issuing ID cards, and payment companies such as MasterCard, to get card solutions with integrated fingerprint sensors.

IDEX has, together with card integrator company CardTech, introduced what is believed to be the only production ready card solution with an integrated fingerprint sensor meeting ISO standards (0.76mm thin and flexible). The card incorporates IDEX unique off chip sensing solution and patented algorithms.

IDEX’s unique technology enables the company to design and manufacture fingerprint sensors with superior fit for card applications. This technology optimization to card, has been developed through years of dedicated focus towards the card market to provide sensors with the following benefits:

• Ground breaking cost position – enabled by off-chip sensing technology

• Flexible card ISO form factor compliant – separate sensor surface from the brittle silicon ASIC, IDEX’s sensor can be flexible and bendable

• Manufactured within standard card assembly process

• Natural use case for both contact and contact-less scenarios

• Very strong biometric performance – high definition image quality driving strong SNR and strong security and usability

• Industry leading algorithm – IDEX has several strong algorithms securing both low processing power and efficient matching

• Ability to integrate the sensor control chip into the EMV chip