Share information

As of 9 November 2016, IDEX’s share capital is NOK 80,067,038.25. The capital is divided into 533,780,255 registered shares at NOK 0.15 nominal value per share. IDEX does not hold any of its own shares.

The ISIN of the IDEX share is NO 000 307 0609. The shares are registered in the VPS, the Norwegian Central Securities Depositry.

Top 20 shareholders

IDEX ASA top 20 shareholders as of 31 January 2017

Listing information

IDEX is listed at Oslo Børs (ticker IDEX). Trading may be carried out via any stockbroking firm being a member of Oslo Børs. The share price is quoted in NOK.

Share price and other information: (Link to Oslo Børs)

IDEX Current Share Price – Oslo Børs


Note: Shareholders should contact his or her VPS account administrator, which may or may not be the same as the company’s registrar.

DNB Bank ASA, Securities Services, Po.box1600, Sentrum, NO-0021 Oslo, Norway.
Telephone +47 2326 8021, email: Shareholder lists can be obtained from