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IDEX Company presentation January 2017

IDEX develops and sells advanced fingerprint sensor technology and products. The company’s technology is used in a range of biometrically enabled applications within three core markets: Mobile, Smart Cards and Internet of Things (IOT). IDEX’s addressable market represents a fast growing multi-billion unit opportunity.

IDEX’s technology includes both the conventional silicon sensor and a unique off-chip sensor, which means that the company can offer its partners flexible and cost efficient solutions.

IDEX ASA (ticker IDEX) is a Norwegian company, founded in 1996 and listed at Oslo Børs, the stock exchange in Oslo, in 2010.

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Shareholder Policy

IDEX places great emphasis on ensuring equal treatment of its shareholders. The company has one class of shares. According to Norwegian law and the company’s articles of association, the shares are freely transferable. All shares have equal voting rights and there are no maximum thresholds on voting. The articles of association of IDEX do not contain any provisions restricting foreign ownership of shares. There are no limitations under Norwegian law on the rights of non-residents or foreign owners to hold or vote the shares. IDEX is not aware of any shareholder agreements or other similar understandings among its shareholders that may result in a change in control of IDEX. To the best of the company’s knowledge and belief, no shareholder, or group of shareholders, control the company, directly or indirectly.

IR Contact

Charlotte Knudsen, Director of IR and Communications
Tel: +47 9756 1959

IR Policies

Policy for reporting of financial and other information and investor relations in IDEX as of 4 December 2015: IDEX CG Policy – Reporting and IR
Policy for contact with shareholders outside general meetings as of 12 August 2014: Contact 20140812

Articles of Association

IDEX Articles 20161109

Ethical Guidelines

IDEX ethical guidelines

Corporate Governance Statement

Latest Corporate Governance Statement

Nomination Committee Guidelines

Nomination committee guidelines 15 May 2012 (PDF)

Dividend Policy

IDEX has not hitherto declared or paid any dividends on its shares. The company does not anticipate paying any cash dividends on its shares in the near future. IDEX intends to retain future earnings, if any, to finance operations and the expansion of its business. Any future determination to pay dividends will depend on the company’s financial condition, results of operation and capital requirements.

General Meeting Notices & Minutes

The general meetings are open to all shareholders, with registration deadline two days before the meeting. Shareholders may exercise their voting rights through a representative or proxy.

Notices and Minutes from previous years

Key Legal Framework for Shareholders

Information document prepared by Oslo Børs for shareholders in Norwegian listed companies, provided for reference: Key legal Information 20120907