Strategy Advisory Council

IDEX established a Strategy Advisory Council in January 2014 with the mandate to advise the company on market, technology and strategic trends in the rapidly developing mass market for fingerprint sensors. The Strategy Advisory Council underpins IDEX’s strategy of establishing a global presence and developing an industry-leading position.

The external members of the Strategy Advisory Council are:

Michael Barrett image

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett joined the Strategy Advisory Council in July 2014. Mr. Barrett is President of the FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium dedicated to improving online authentication by developing and promoting technical specifications that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that reduce the reliance on passwords to authenticate users. From 2006 until 2013 Mr. Barrett was the Chief Information Security Officer of PayPal, a major Internet payment services company for online vendors. In this role, he was responsible for ensuring the security of PayPal’s 130+ million accounts worldwide. Previously Mr. Barrett held senior positions at several other major corporations, including Vice President of Security and Privacy at American Express. He also headed the Liberty Alliance, an open-standards consortium focused on identity management standards and guidelines. Mr. Barrett has received numerous industry recognitions and was named ‘Information Security Executive of the year’ by Tech Exec Networks in 2010.

Larry Ciaccia image

Larry Ciaccia

Mr. Ciaccia was elected board member at the annual general meeting 2015. He has broad expertise from the semiconductor industry. He is independent of the company's executive management, material business contacts and the company’s larger shareholders. Mr. Ciaccia played a pivotal role in transforming AuthenTec from a start-up into the world's leading fingerprint sensor supplier, serving as CEO from September 2010 and instrumental in the acquisition of AuthenTec by Apple in October 2012. He remained with Apple through February 2013 to assist in the acquisition integration and transition. Mr. Ciaccia was born in 1958, is a US citizen and resides in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. Mr. Ciaccia attended all of the board meetings in the period. As at 16 November 2016 Mr. Ciaccia held 0 (nil) shares and 500,000 subscription rights to shares in IDEX.

Stan Swearingen image

Stan Swearingen

Mr. Swearingen joined the Strategy Advisory Council in May 2016. Mr. Swearingen most recently served as Senior Vice President & General Manager MaxTouch Business Unit and Chief Technology Officer of Atmel, where he drove the overall technology strategy and direction for the company. Previously, Mr. Swearingen served as CTO and Senior Vice President of Advanced Development for Synaptics, where he was instrumental in the formulation of the biometric fingerprint strategy, including the acquisition of Validity. Prior to Synaptics, Mr. Swearingen held senior positions at semiconductor companies, such as MiniCircuits, Skyworks Solutions, Agere Systems and Quantex Microsystems.